Power Management System

EEPL team have experience of working on Industrial Power Management System for Uninterrupted Power Supply and No Black Outs. PMS offered by us aims to cover the following strategic key objectives:

  • Automatic Generation Control
  • Auto/Manual TG Synchronization
  • Auto/Manual Forward/Reverse Grid Synchronization
  • Auto/Manual Tie/Bus Coupler Synchronization
  • Mains Power Import/Export Control of Active and Reactive Power
  • Load sharing between TGs and Grid in Islanded/synch mode including sharing of Active / Reactive / Both powers within the capability curve limits.
  • Contingency based and real-time based Load Shedding
  • System Frequency Control
  • System Voltage Regulation
  • Electrical SCADA along with required nos. of HMI stations.
  • Event and data logging, sequential trend analysis, reporting and On-demand data retrieval
  • Alarm management and processing
  • Secure back-up data storage facility to store operating data on-line and facility for uploading data to off-line storage for analysis/ study

At EEPL, we emphasize on concept to commissioning solution and hence we offer the following:

  • Supply and installation along with FAT, SAT and Operator Training of complete electrical PMS consisting of Controllers, Power Supplies, communication network gateways, Remote I/Os at different sections, Engineering cum Operator station, Data acquisition system compatible with PMS & Historian for reporting.
  • Supply & installation of Transducers, Energy Meter, Signal Multiplier, Aux. Relays etc. to generate input signals wherever signal is to be duplicated, for providing to SCADA.
  • All workstation computers shall be supplied with the necessary licensed software CDs of latest windows OS.
  • Licensed latest runtime with configuration and programming software for the SCADA shall be supplied for preventing unauthorized data change, hierarchical logins with password protection for operator & engineer functions, modifying graphics, configuring Historical trends, tags/points, reports, alarms & events etc.