Power System Study Network Analysis and Solutions

EEPL have profound proven track record and strong reference base of working with all types of manufacturing and process industries namely Viscose fiber, Chemicals, Fertilizers and Petro-chemicals, Cement, Textile and Rubbers, Tires, Oil and Gas, Cables, Pharmaceuticals, Glass, Steel and Large Power Generating Units in India and Overseas.

EEPL team have experience of working with IEC/IEEE/ANSI/NEMA standards for Power System Studies because of their past working experience of their projects across the globe. All these studies are performed at EEPL on renown and globally accepted Offline Power System Simulators like ETAP, PSCAD and EMTP-RV on their latest licensed version.

  • Feasibility Study – Power Hook up between existing and proposed systems
  • Executive Summary Reports – Observation and Recommendations
  • Power System Audits
  • Load Flow Study
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Motor Starting and Acceleration Study
  • Electrical Power Transient and Dynamic Stability Study
  • Grid Islanding and Load Shedding Solutions
  • Protective Device Co-Ordination Study
  • Protection System Audits
  • System Grounding Methods
  • Branch Switching Stability Study Using PSCAD/EMTP-RV
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Reactive Power Compensation Study
  • Earthing System Design/Validation
  • Lightning Protection System Design/Validation
  • Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation