Power System Study Network Analysis and Solutions
  • For betterment of system, Network analysis & solutions are carried out by performing different simulation studies using well proven ETAP and EMTP – RV softwares
  • Protection system, electrical system technical and safety audits
  • Techno-commercial feasibility studies and concept engineering
  • Executive summary reports – observations and recommendations
  • Technical support to site for suggested implementations – BOQ and Specifications
  • 24 x 7 Remote support – Trip incident analysis and suggestions

Load Flow Study

Short Circuit Study

Relay Coordination Study

Harmonic Study

Arc Flash Study

System Grounding

Dynamic Motor Starting Study

Dynamic Motor Re-acceleration Study

Transient Stability Study

Lightning & Switching Transients Study

Insulation Coordination Study

Transformer Energizing Study

Transient Recovery Voltage Analysis for CBs

Fast Motor Bus Transfer Simulations

Capacitor/Reactor/Line Switching Study

Study for Resonance & Ferroresonance Conditions

Branch Switching Study

Earthing System Audit

Lightning Protection System Audit

Power Quality Audit

General Technical Audit