Special Engineering Solutions

EEPL through their experience of more than three and half decades with various type of industries could learn that industries often require some customized engineering solutions depending of type of problems industries are facing or sometimes due to phase manner enhancement and expansions of these industries.

EEPL have come up with following customized engineering solutions. EEPL’s experience in both engineering and execution of such solutions provides unique service mix of Concept to Commissioning to their customers. EEPL have rendered 100+ such customized solutions successfully for their customers.

  • Solutions for Power Blackouts
  • Grid Islanding Scheme
  • Load Shedding Scheme
  • Import/Export Control
  • Auto Bus Transfer Schemes
  • Fast Motor Bus Transfer Schemes
  • Auto Synchronizing Schemes
  • Auto Mains Failure Schemes
  • Power Quality Management
  • Transformer Monitoring System
  • Protection SCADA
  • Time Synchronizations of Protective Relays