Power System Design Engineering Consultancy and Start-up Support

EEPL have team of experienced Design Engineers and Designers. EEPL can extend complete support for Design Detailed Engineering and Project Management Consultancy for Electrical Balance of the plant. EEPL offers complete package of Electrical, Civil and Structure engineering for EHV outdoor switchyards or GIS S/s up to 220kV.


Outdoor Switchyards


Captive Power Plant

EEPL team is conversant in working with IEC/IEEE standards and ensure compliance with the local utility standards and electrical codes, as applicable on case to case basis. EEPL have started their journey of services in industries with Testing and Commissioning activities and these have been always one of the core strength of EEPL. EEPL’s support for start-up provides unique service mix of Concept to Commissioning to their customers.

In its broad spectrum following can be included.

  • Feasibility Studies and Concept Design Reports
  • Enhancement of system and Power Hook-up arrangements
  • Rationalization of Power Distribution System Networks
  • Key Single Line Diagram showing Metering and Protection System
  • Plan and Section Layout Drawings
  • Equipment Layout
  • Control Room / Substation Buildings and Cable Cut-out Drawings
  • Load current and Fault Level Calculations
  • Equipment Sizing and Ratings
  • Tender Specifications for Procurements
  • Earthing, Lightning and Illumination System drawings and calculations
  • Load list and deciding of feeders
  • Power and Control Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Sizing Selection and Layouts Drawings
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Complete Bill of Material
  • Technical Bid Analysis and Bid evaluation report
  • Vendor Drawings Review and Comments
  • Support for Inspection of principal equipment’s at OEM works
  • Support for Site Supervision
  • Support for Testing, Commissioning and Start-up

Following Civil and Structure Drawing shall be prepared specific to EHV Outdoor Switchyard

  • Geo-Technical Investigation Report
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Structure Drawings for equipment mounting
  • Architecture of substation building
  • Cable Trench
  • Burnt-pit and Soak Pit
  • Sewage and Drainage Water Arrangements
  • Fencing of switchyards

EEPL have experienced team of testing engineers and senior technicians. EEPL have 1-Phase and 3-Phase, Automated testing kits of ISA (Italy), DOBLE (USA) and OMIKRON (USA) makes which have been globally accepted and renowned for their accurate performance. EEPL can extend following site services in this domain of their services.

  • Testing of Protective Relays, CTs, PTs and Circuit Breakers
  • Testing and Commissioning of MV and LV Switchgear Panels
  • Testing of Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Sensitivity and Stability Checks of Differential and REF Protection Schemes
  • Testing and Simulations of Tripping and Annunciation Circuits
  • Testing of CRPs, GRPs and Other Consoles
  • Testing of Power Cables
  • Support for Plant Start-up and Observations