Relays Retrofit Solutions, Protection System and Schemes Testing

EEPL have been associated with many industries which had been established in early eighty’s or ninety’s and had install base of electromechanical type of protective relays. EEPL have got the support and motivation from such industries to add on the portfolio of Retrofitting Solutions for Protective Relays and Schemes.

EEPL have experienced team of field engineers and senior technicians. EEPL have experience of 5000+ such successful relay retrofitting of different applications namely generator, motor, feeder, transformer and current differential protection.

  • Study of existing protection system
  • Suggestion for best suited Numerical Relay Model
  • Pre-engineering activities at site
  • Engineering, Drawings and SOP
  • Cut-out and Installation of relays
  • Wiring, Tagging and Dressing of Control Cables
  • Programming and Settings of relays
  • Testing, Simulations and Validation of Schemes
  • As-Built Drawings and Changes on existing Drawings
  • Solutions for Retrofitting of CRPs and GRPs

EEPL have started their journey of services in industries with Testing and Commissioning activities and these have been always one of the core strength of EEPL. EEPL have experienced team of testing engineers. EEPL have 1-Phase and 3-Phase, Automated testing kits of ISA (Italy), DOBLE (USA) and OMIKRON (USA) makes which have been globally accepted and renowned for their accurate performance. EEPL can extend following site services in this domain of their services.

  • Testing of Protective Relays, CTs, PTs and Circuit Breakers
  • Testing and Commissioning of MV and LV Switchgear Panels
  • Testing of Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Sensitivity and Stability Checks of Differential and REF Protection Schemes
  • Testing and Simulations of Tripping and Annunciation Circuits
  • Testing of CRPs, GRPs and Other Consoles
  • Testing of Power Cables
  • Support for Plant Start-up and Observations